Planned Worship Services Update



Dear FLC family,

After careful consideration, it has been decided that for the good 
health of First Lutheran’s congregation we will continue the 
drive-through style “Service of the Sacrament” for the month of July. 
This is based primarily on the upswing in active COVID-19 cases in 
Bradley Co and the lack of loosening of the restrictions by TN Governor 
Lee on meeting “in person”. The virus infection data for June is higher 
now that it was in May & June, thus not providing us any strong 
reasoning to change from our current worship style.

We are going to offer those in attendance each Sunday an avenue to 
socialize prior to Communion Service. In a move to make the parking lot 
Communion service more sociable and efficient, we ask that anyone 
wishing to speak with pastor or other congregants please arrive by 10:30 
and fall into line as usual. Pastor will visit with each vehicle 
(including bikes, motorcycles, etc) to welcome you. If you have prayer 
concerns or other communications, that will be a better time to do so 
rather than trying to do so during the actual distribution of the 
Sacrament. Additionally, if anyone wishes to exit their vehicle and 
socialize with other members & visitors at the required 6’ distance and 
wearing a mask, you can do so. Pastor will have masks available for 
anyone in need of one.

As always, Pastor’s sermon will be made available by Sunday morning to all who 
visit our church’s website. We feel blessed to have this capability and 
the site has been visited greatly during this pandemic. Thanks to all of 
you for your faithful search for God’s word!

Please keep in mind that the Elders as a whole want to bring back “in 
person” services ASAP. We do not take this issue lightly and as soon as 
we see the local health environment change for the positive we will act 

Many thanks to all of you faithful members for attending the parking lot 
communions services, listening to Pastor’s sermon weekly and faithfully 
remembering First Lutheran Church with your tithes and offerings. God 
has blessed First Lutheran greatly and He will see us through these 
trying times!

Mike Johnson

P.S. From Debra Conner and the Board of Social Ministry: Beginning 
Sunday, July 5th there will be a Caring Place barrel placed outside for 
collection of your food donations during drive through communion.



Hello FLC family,

First Lutheran will once again have a Service of Sacrament (Communion) 
in the church parking lot at 11 a.m. this coming Sunday, May 31st. As 
usual, the service will begin and be broadcasted on FM channel 87.9 at 
11 a.m.

In the name of safety for all First Lutheran members and visitors, it 
has been decided to continue the suspension of all "in-person" services 
through the month of June. However, we have decided to conduct drive 
through Service of Sacrament (Communion) for every Sunday in the month 
of June. As usual, the liturgy will be broadcasted on FM radio, channel 
87.9 promptly at 11 a.m.

The Elders wish to give a big THANKS to all the First Lutheran women who 
participated in making masks to be used in upcoming "in-person" worship 
services. We understand that sewing these masks was a very tedious task 
and making so many was not an easy thing to accomplish as well. Thanks 
again for your efforts to help First Lutheran Church safely bring in all 
those who want to hear God's word and worship together with all their 
brothers and sisters in Christ!

Mike Johnson
Jerry Johnson


Planned Worship Services Update

 We have received very positive feedback from several First Lutheran members about the audio sermons being provided by Pastor each week. Many thanks to all those logging on and hearing God's word.

 We are continuing to schedule our weekly worship services and keeping our congregation's well-being as one of the top priorities, as well as complying to our most recent State & US Government's directives in regards to COVID-19 directives.

 See our following updated schedule regarding Easter week's activities:

 * Maundy Thursday & Good Friday and services will not meet in person, but Pastor will make the audio versions of these sermons available on our website, April 9th & 10th respectively.

 * Easter Sunday's sermon only will remain available via our website, same as the past two Sundays.

 * NOTE - There will be a special “Service of the Sacrament” offered on Easter morning at 11:00 AM in our church parking lot. This will be a “drive through” type service and Communion will be offered to occupants on a “per car” basis. A line of cars will form by direction of Elders. Please note that there will be only one entrance (closest to the US Forestry bldg) and one exit (closest to the church bldg) to allow for establishing a line and efficient flow of traffic.

 Sunday School classes (in person) for Easter Sunday, April 12th , will not meet.

 Other important notes:

         *Please ensure that you mobile phone #, land line # and e-mail address is current on our Church Directory by calling Linda Pierce, 472-6811, ASAP. This will help the Church Leaders more effectively & efficiently communicate to our congregation as the ever changing directives from our government unfold during this crisis.

         *When we do have the opportunity to resume “in person” services & events, please do not attend if you have any signs of sickness or if you have knowingly been exposed to someone that is sick within the previous 14 days.